How to avoid reincarnating on Earth in future lives?

Let me ask you a question — do you want to ascend and unite with the Source after this life, or do you want to go to another planet where you will have a physical body — but not as much negativity as on Earth? There is also an option to stay in “Human Afterlife” — the 5th-dimensional realm of Earth and work there in one of the numerous occupations available for spirits — as a Guide or Librarian or a Healer, Scholar, Artist or Musician — and help, heal and inspire incarnated humans or help incoming souls, or help souls to plan their future lives, or help to expand or preserve the knowledge or records of Earth history, etc. It is a very busy realm and you can stay there as long as you want, you do not have to reincarnate if your soul is not ready or has more to contribute in 5D than in physical lives. Nobody makes you reincarnate against your will. But it will not be your current human ego, but your soul — making this decision. You ego dies with the body or shortly after the death of the body, only your soul goes into Afterlife.

If you want to unite with the Source/God/All That Is/Buddha Mind (whatever you call it) and lose all individuality and boundaries of your soul — spiritual practice and total devotion would be the best way to ensure this direction after death, whatever religion or spiritual practice you have, you can even become a monk or traveling dervish and cut all ties to society and physical pleasures and attachments and seek only becoming One with God or achieving Nirvana. Some people even get enlightened while still in the physical body. (Just do not go into Mahayana Buddhism as they take a vow to reincarnate till all beings are released from suffering, even after the enlightenment).

If you want the next life on another planet — more technologically advanced and pleasant than Earth — you might start reading channelings of Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Sirians and read about different star races online, and get really interested in the topic of extraterrestrial life. Since both Star Wars and Star Trek are based on channeling of Galactic history — reading and watching a lot of sci-fi will make you more open to having the next incarnation on a different planet, or on a spaceship traveling through the Universe with different star races working there, like in Star Trek. You might also want to develop some skills which might be useful in a future life in an advanced civilization or on a spaceship — from conflict resolution to operating different types of vehicles, being able to be alone for a long time, but also easily adapt to different cultures — so a lot of traveling would be very useful. You can also develop psychic abilities, as a lot of these civilizations are telepathic, and crafts are often operated by the mind. If you are a Volunteer from one of these civilizations and incarnated in this body for a mission — you will automatically go to your home planet after death. If you feel really drawn to the stars and other worlds — read Dolores Cannon’s “Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” and ‘Convoluted Universe” based on past life regressions into extraterrestrial past lives, or watch her videos on youtube.

If you want to stay in 5D Earth — you can just ask, and it also helps if you have a particular topic or interest which is better explored in 5D than in physical reality — they have libraries on any science or art, you can create whatever you want artistically — but mostly audio or video, as spirits do not have bodies, so arts or perfumery or cooking are not as developed as on 3D Earth. Michael Newton’s books ‘Journey of Sous” and ‘Destiny of Souls” are a good place to start to explore what is going on in the ‘human Afterlife”. Also Robert Monroe’s “Far Journeys” and ‘Ultimate Journey”. Silvia Browne’s book ‘To the Other Side and back”, and ‘Temples on the Other Side” are also interesting. You can also watch movies like ‘Crystal City” or ‘What dreams may come” to get an idea of the life of souls between incarnations. You can stay there as long as you want, but you might decide at some point that you want to go back to 3D Earth and have another human physical life…since most souls go back and force between 3D and 5D and it is a grand adventure to have trips to Earth, everybody constantly talks about it, so you might start feeling left out if you do not incarnate once in a while. It is like staying in summer school when all your friends travel to some new places on a holiday and boast about their experiences, sharing pictures, etc.

Karma in my humble opinion is overrated, doing good deeds and being kind to people raises your vibration, but we do not reincarnate to get punished for some bad deeds, as 3D has negativity, and when you cross over into Afterlife — you are instantly in a positive vibration and unconditional love, nobody is judging you for something you did in physical life. Human life is just a role you play in a drama. We do not judge an actor for playing a villain in a play, but he will get an ovation for acting well. You might yourself decide to go back and play a good guy next time — but it is your soul’s free choice. We reincarnate to learn and have physical experiences, not available to body-less spirits, as Robert Monroe said in one of his books ‘Bodies are good for sports and sex”. Without a body, you might start missing that.



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